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Once, Robert Kiyosaki, world renowned author and businessman, said that "there has not been a better time to start your own business". He also said that "in order to be successful one needs two things: the knowledge and someone with experience to show the ropes.". I listened.  Now I have the privilege of teaching others what I have learned. I want to help you AND your business succeed in the Social Media Universe.

Who Am I? What I Do?

My name is Ian Archibald.  I am the owner You In Social Media, a Social Media Management/Consulting company. I can talk geek, and sling code with the best of them, but I would not consider myself an IT Professional. I can design award winning marketing and sales campaigns, but I am no Marketing Professional. I can write blogs, and know how to get people to follow you, but I am not a  so called "Social Media Expert" (what ever than means).

What I am is a person that can bridge Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Technology, and YOUR vision. I have more than 30 years computers experience and more than 15 years working in the Social Collaboration sphere of which Social Media is a part of.  I have the unique ability to think "out of the box" about unsolved problems and untried solutions.  I am an award winning professional with a depth of business expertise, as well as a proven track record of success in turning ideas into solutions. I am an avid sports fan, and a dedicated father to our awesome and wonderful twins, and husband to my lovely wife, Deann - Reverse Logistics Director and Goddess for Global Mobility Products.

Away from my day job of working for OpenText where I work as a Senior Solutions Architect for Social Media and Collaboration, I enjoy social media and all it has to offer.  I previously held the title of CEO at Solutions Provider Teccom Enterprises, a personal venture that I started in 1995, and is something I find very rewarding.

Key Talents

  • Strong business skills and a solid commercial understanding of customer requirements.
  • A goal-driven project manager of complex, large-scale software solutions.
  • Extensive technical consultancy skills.
  • Excellent presentation, documentation and communication skills
  • An approachable, yet results-oriented, trainer, team leader, and coach.
  • Innovative, accurate and flexible.
  • Ability to communicate with customers without the unnecessary use of industry jargon.
  • I have a firm belief that you provide not only what the customer asks, but what they truly need to succeed in sharing their vision/product/service.
  • I am very passionate about Social Media/Collaboration

When I am not focusing on Social Media, or Social Collaboration, I am a soccer coach, and trainer.  I love jazz music, in particular what are known as "the standards". Having grown up in the 80's, I do so enjoy the TV and music of that era. I enjoy hiking, racing, camping, storm chasing, and anything to do with weather (hence my nickname "Major Twister").

I can never forget, I love everything my children do.  They are my inspiration!

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