May 022013

facebook logoDid you know that Facebook introduced a series of new image sizes earlier this year? Let's have a look at the different images and their sizes. A number of the following images can really effect how you or your brand are viewed.

You may never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Cover Photo

  • Used for both Facebook Pages and User Profiles. This is perfect for branding of companies, organizations, events, bands, or for users to show themselves off.
  • You may NOT: Offer pricing information, or statements such as "Download at our website", or "50% off"
  • Show Contact information such as website URL, email addresses, or anything that would best placed in the "About" section of the account.
  • You may NOT use calls to actions: "Get it now", "Like us now", "Buy now"
  • Must not include any misleading or deceptive information, nor infringe on another person or companies intellectual property.
  • Width: 851px
  • Height: 315px
  • Images not making these dimensions will be scaled to fit.  Smaller images may  look grainy, and out of focus. Larger images may be cropped unexpectedly.

Profile Image in Header

  • Used by Facebook Pages and Users when they post to timelines or fans newsfeeds.
  • The sizing of these images are a bit odd, in that the MINIMUM uploaded image size is 180 x 180 px, and any image will be scaled down automatically to fit. Chop Chop!
  • Width: 160px
  • Height: 160px

Profile Image in Timeline

  • This is actually a scaled down version of the Profile Image in Header. (you don't need to worry about doing anything with this)
  • Width: 32px
  • Height: 32px

Thumbnail for Shared Links

  • Used when you're sharing a link to your timeline. This can be quite ugly at times as it's not quite 4x3 (not widescreen)
  • Width: 155px  (smallest may be 90px)
  • Height: 114px (smallest may be 90px)

Uploaded Photos

  • These are the images you may upload to photos or to postings.
  • Width: 2048px (max)
  • Height: 2048px (max)

Thumbnails for Uploaded Images

  • This is where a great number of people make mistakes.  When you upload photos, Facebook will automatically create a thumbnail which will be displayed in your timeline or newsfeed.  If your image is not square, it will be cropped. Meaning that your image may be missing information, and in terms of business, can make it look unprofessional.
  • If you're going to upload today's special, even your own image of the day, please make sure it's square, else you run the risk of looking square yourself, Charlie Brown.
  • Width: 403px
  • Height 403px

Highlighted Post or Milestone

  • Only available with Facebook Pages, these are postings that can assume both columns of the newsfeed.This is neither a 4x3 or a 16x9. It's some random dimension that makes little sense since it doesn't expand well with previously uploaded images.
  • Width: 843px
  • Height: 403px

Facebook Ads

  • Sponsored images will appear slightly larger than those of standard ad.
  • Sponsored Story Width: 194px
  • Sponsored Story Height: 139px
  • Regular Ad Width: 100px
  • Regular Ad Height: 72px

Video Preview Thumbnail

  • These can also be tricky, since you likely have no input as to the image used, but for completeness we'll include it.
  • Width: 403px
  • Height: 226px

Custom Tab Images

  • These images are used when a Facebook Page installs applications, such as Twitter, or they run a contest. Generally they are found in the top navigation of your timeline.
  • Width: 111px
  • height: 74px

Facebook will from time to time make changes to the layouts. If you see one that is missing, or has changed, please let us know by commenting below.

What changes do you need to make to optimize how your page looks or is seen by your friends and customers alike?

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