Nov 222013

Are you ready to check out Google+?  This article should serve to help you to get connected.

Getting Started

Getting started with Google Plus (or G+) is actually very simple, especially if you already have a Google (Gmail) account (You do have a Gmail account, right?). If you don't already have a Google account or are starting a new one, please continue to read while we show others who do first.

Wait, I have an Gmail account!

Hey, that's awesome! You are going to be so impressed with how simple it is to get connected.

Log on to your Google account, and you will notice at the top right (as of the time of this writing that is - Google Keeps changing things) you may see something that looks like:

Google Plus Login

Google Plus Login


If you are seeing this, then you're all set. Click on the +<yourname> (assuming it's you), and follow the online prompts.


If you have something that looks more like this:

non google login Then you either need to login, or create yourself a new account.


Push the "Sign in" button, and login.

Ah, I don't have a Google Account (or want to create a new one)

Ok, so you're wanting to create a new account.  Easy enough, please visit Googles official sign up page at

Step 1: Fill in a short registration form

All that you are required to do is to fill out a short form, and agree to the Terms Of Services (Please read them before you agree. Lots of important info - Just sayin'), then click "Next Step".

Step 2: Add a photo.

It's a good idea to add a photo of yourself, this way people can have a visual rather than a "blue head" to look at. You do not need to add a picture right this second.  You can either click "Add a photo", or move to the next step.

Step 3: Welcome!

At this point, your all set.  Google has now provisioned (created) for you your brand new and shiny Google Account. You have a new Gmail account, access to G+, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Chrome, and more.

You will now go through a short tutorial showing you where to "Find your stuff", such as notifications, account settings, access your Google Apps, etc.

Step 4: Getting Started

Congratulations, you have just been made part of the more than 1 billion registered Google Users!  Woohoo! Confetti canon goes off, people are now seeking your autograph!

OK, maybe not.  But you will be taken to your Profile (Accounts) page. Where you can (again) add your Profile Image (you don't need to do this step right now either).  From here you can access all of your settings, such as Privacy, Storage (your Google account comes with a whopping 15GB of storage!), Languages, and more.

Since we're talking about Google Plus here. It would be a good idea after reviewing all the settings found in Step 4 above. we talk about the Google+ settings.

Google+ Settings

You can make some changes to how people can interact with you and the items you post.  You don't "need" to do anything here at this point, the defaults are quite good.  Since you may not want to be notified about every little action that occurs on G+, you can make some changes to the Posts area.  Here, the email address that will be used for these notifications will be the Email address you created in Step 1 above. I turn a fair number of them off myself. However,  if you leave them on you can see for yourself what you want to see and what you don't.  If you've spent time on Facebook, you likely know how annoying these kinds of emails can be. You can at ANY TIME come back to your "Accounts" Settings, by clicking on your Image (or the unknown faceless person icon), that resides on the top right of your Google Account screen and hit "Account".

  First Notifications

After a few minutes, Google will "Notify" you of some new interactions. The "Bell" icon (Notifications) will show you that you have unread notifications by simply adding numbers in a red box, symbolizing the number of unread 'notifications' you have.

Google Notifications

Google Notifications


You first few "Notifications" may be a few suggestions for people you may wish to Circle (Follow), Make A great impression (completing your profile), and another Welcoming you to Google+.  Click on each to read them.


At this point we're done with the sign up, and we now have our Brand New Google+ account.

In the next section, we will discuss Google+ Profiles.