Dec 262013

New to Google+?  We're going to take a look at Google+ Profile!

Google Profiles

Google+ Profile

Your Google+ Profile lets other Google users learn more about who you are, what you do, your interests and more. You can share as much or as little details as you wish.

Where is this "Profile" thingy?

There are many ways that you can reach your Profile. The 2 best and easiest ways are listed below.

1. From your Google Bar (top right corner of your Google+ screen), Select your image, and choose "View Profile".

Access Your Profile from Google Bar

Access Your Profile from Google Bar

2.  When logged on to Google+ you can also select "Home" (Left side of the screen)

Access your Profile from Google Plus

Access your Profile from Google Plus

Found it. Now what?

Well, everything really.

Your profile is where you can see your images, change your profile and cover images, see what you have +1'd, check out your YouTube videos and more.

So, let's start at the top and work our way south, OK?  (Keep in mind that Google may change the layout at anytime and without notice, so at times this document may not be 100% accurate...Sorry Charlie).

profile image

My Google Plus Profile

TOP LEFT: Profile Image.

Yes! You guessed it. Yet another place that you can add or change your profile image.

NOTE: Just below that, you can edit your name should you wish.

TOP MIDDLE: Cover Photo.

Google has just completed another change to the layout of your Cover photo.  They still support a 16:9 aspect ratio, but have reduced the amount of real estate being used. Now the smallest image size can be 480px wide by 270px high.  You can still use larger images, and they will be scaled to size.

There are tabs underneath the images.  They are:


This tab contains a lot of very important information that is used by Google and others to identify you. This is of great importance to things such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Authority, and how people view you (your hovercard). Fill out as much as you're comfortable with.


A stream of all your most recent posts, and interactions (YouTube Comments)


A list of your images and photo albums displayed in a stream.


Your YouTube videos (posted publicly) and any uploaded videos. Note: Pages have a "Video" tab.


These are all the pages from around the internet that you have +1.  This tab is not shown on your public profile.


Places and events that you have personally reviewed.

Note: The Photos; YouTube/Videos;+1 and Reviews tabs may be removed from your public profile  (though always visible to yourself) in your "Settings" - There is a link on the tab to remind you, and take you straight to it!

So as you can see, nothing too bad here. Pretty straight forward.  Please connect with me on Google+

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