Apr 082013


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LinkedIn - the leading business connection website is finally adding a feature that so many of us have longed for. The ability for users to "mention" (link) people in their postings. In a recent blog post, LinkedIn announced that the feature will slowly be rolled out worldwide.  First to the English speaking clients, followed by the rest.

What does this "Mention" thing do?

Similarly to Facebook, when a user is typing a status update, you as a LinkedIn member will have the ability to begin typing a name and LinkedIn will automatically being to multimatch users for you to select. Once found, you need simply select the user, and they are now "mentioned" (linked to your post).  In the beginning you will only be able to use this feature when making status updates from your Home Page.  As a courtesy, when a user is mentioned they will receive a notification on LinkedIn.

You will also have the ability to "Mention" companies.  Understandably, companies will likely not have the ability to "Mention" other companies.

Here is a Slideshare Presentation of the new feature

While LinkedIn states this functionality will expand beyond the home page to include other parts of the site, this feature is sure to add a lot more engagement on LinkedIn.

Will  you be using this new feature?

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