Dec 312013
major sharers

Another week, another awesome Google+ Circle Share.

"Circle Of Major Sharers" is a curated list of people on Google+ who share content.

Version 2.0 steps things up a bit,  I went through all the top Circle Shares over the past 8 days, as well as the content created by those circle authors, looking for people who shared content. Lots of work, more than 50 sheets of results to run through, formulas developed and executed.

Final tally of 365 people made it into the circle!


Are you in? If not, why not? It takes just a little effort to share and it does more for you than just growing numbers.  Have you considered what it does for your Google rankings?  The larger the number of people who have you their "circles", the better opportunity for you to have your content seen. Have you considered your YouTube videos (Owned by Google)? Your blog posts? Your passions?  All can easily be better ranked. Just takes a bit of work.

Example: For those who have me in their circles would likely see a recent post on Google+ showing up in the #2 position (See image below) Those who don't wouldn't find my post until page 3, and my actual blog post on page 8.

image of google search

Ranked #2 for those who have me circled


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