Oct 182013

facebook logoFacebook for iOS Gets Update

The October 17, 2013 update for Facebook's Mobile application for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) received a welcome upgrade.

There are a number of cool features that those with iOS devices have been waiting for for a long time. included in these include:

  1. The ability to edit your posts (tap to see all your changes on the iPhone only)
  2. Add a Photo-Comment
  3. Express yourself with icons.
  4. You can get to your privacy settings by tapping the lock

 Let's have a closer look at the ability to edit.

Let's say that I posted the following, and later realized that I had make a typo.  I could tap on the down arrow,


Select "Edit Post" from the context menu.


Select "Edit Post"

And can now make the necessary edits.


Edit your message, and click "SAVE"

Tapping "Save" when complete.

Adding a Photo Comment from iOS

You approach this type of comment like you would any other.  Click on the status update you want to comment on, and click the camera icon. Allowing you to select from your images.

You can also provide a "What Are You Doing?" expression to your comments/posts.

So, what do you think of these changes? I for one have been waiting since Facebook came to iOS for the ability to edit.  How will these changes impact your activity on Facebook Mobile?

May 062013

Facebook Edgerank equation

What exactly is Edgerank, and why do we as Facebook Page Managers care?

Edgerank is an algorithm used by Facebok to determine where and what posts appear on each users news feed in order to give users what information Facebook deems relevant and wanted.

There are 3 variables that make up this algorithm. They are:

Ue - Affinity

We - Weight

de - Decay

Since when do we need Algebra class to understand Facebook?

Thankfully, Facebook's newsfeed is easy to break down.  There are 4 main social factors, and to make this even easier, we're going to split the 4 factors into 2 categories.

4 Catagories are:

  1. Your previous interactions with the author. The more you engage with a Facebook friend or Facebook Page, the more likely your are to see their postings.  - Category: PERSONAL INTERACTION
  2. Your previous interactions with the post type.  If you are engaging with a certain post type, the more likely you are to see posts of that type (video, images, photos, links, etc). Category: PERSONAL INTERACTION
  3. Reactions from users who already saw the post.  The more Facebook users engage with a post, the more likely they are to see that post. (if they 'like' or comment on the post, the more likely it is that you too will see the post)  Category: NETWORK REACTION
  4. Amount of complaints or negative feedback.  As more users give negative feedback about a post, the less likely you are to see their post.  Category: NETWORK REACTION


The better you are at having your Facebook Page Fans and Friends interact and engage with your posts, the better you are positioned to have your message seen.


  • Images are always great for attracting attention and engagement. Please remember to take note of your  Facebook image sizes.  If your image is cut off, or upscaled, the more likely you are of not having your post engaged with. You can get up to 180% more engagement with images/videos than without.
  • Ask for engagement. Some of the best ways to do this is by asking a question.  "What do you think", "Would you have done that?", "Would you dare?" The more people engage with your posting, the more likely future postings are to be seen by the customer.
  • Don't get hung up page "Likes". They mean nothing other than it may have some bragging rights. Which would you rather have?  100,000 page 'likes' with little or no engagement, or 1000 page "Likes" with tons of engagement based on what you have just learned?
  • Keeping your posts between 100 and 250 characters could lead to as much as a 60% more likelihood of having your post 'Liked'.
  • Post daily.  Remember the de of our equation? Time decay plays a major part here. Personally, i have over 400 Facebook pages that I've liked after my great purge, majority of them rarely post. How likely am I to see anything they post if they are not posting regularly enough for me to engage with their posts?
  • Time of your posting.  You may want to check out when you are likely to have the best engagement. You can schedule postings on a Facebook Page, so that when you have a decent data set to review. You can then schedule your postings when it's best suited to your needs. For instance, a restaurant may need to post at 10am to have the best engagement for things like lunch specials, or special events. Whereas a night club may find that posting at 9pm is best.  Consider your market, and run tests. Facebook provides you with the data. It's easy to see what time is best.  If your customers are likely to be on at 1am, posting at 10am isn't likely to have your post seen.

Do you know?

In 2012 more than 40% of time logged by ALL Facebook users was spent in their news feeds?  If your message is not being seen, then you may need to change how you create your postings.

Now that you have a decent understanding of the basics of Edgerank, what kinds of changes may you need to make on your postings?  Let us know in the comments below.

Apr 222013

facebook logoFacebook (or Fan) Pages are fairly similar to that of personal Facebook Profiles (standard user accounts), except they are designed for Businesses, or Organizations, Brands/Products, Artists, Bands, even Causes. Facebook Pages also allow for Page Administrators a place to communicate with their fans. Facebook Pages also allow for a greater range of tools that are not available on individual users profile pages.

Creating your Facebook Page.

Before we go anywhere, it is necessary for you as the page creator to have a Facebook Profile of your own.  If you do not have your own Facebook account, please read our tutorial.Otherwise, let's create you a Facebook Page!

You will find many different types of Page types to choose from. Choose the one that best suits your needs. (You can change this if you need to later).

image of Facebook Page Selector


Once you have selected your Page type, you will find a selection of "category" options that will help further define the type of company, group, organization, etc that you are representing.  In all the above options, you will be asked to provide a name for your page. Be careful, you may not be able to change your page name for some time. At the time of this publishing, you will not be able to change the name of your page until you have reached 200 fans.  Try to create names that are easy to remember, and not overly long where possible. Remember, the name you chose now will be built into the URL for your fans to find and "like" your page.

At this point, you're pretty much done.  Facebook may ask you to verify yourself as a page owner, and may ask you some additional questions to make sure you're in the right genre.

Customizing your account.

Once your page has been created, you need to think about adding some spice.

Facebook Page customization options


  1. Admin Panel: The admin panel contains a series of options that are only available to page administrators (yes, you can add other page admins). This panel can be shown/hidden with a click of the button on the right - "Show". In this panel you will have the ability to view notifications and messages, create ads and view your stats.
  2. Cover Image: This large image speaks volumes about your page. Make it eye catching, and rememberable. The image you use should have the dimensions of 851 X 315 px. This image represents your brand/name.
  3. Profile Image: Just like on your Facebook Profile, the profile image is what people will see when they read something you post. This image should be 180 x 180 px (however we found 160 X 160 leaves a nice border)
  4. Page Title: This name is what you named it when you created it. Remember, you can not change this until you have at least 200 "likes". The "category" however can be changed at any time.
  5. About: Compose a short, succinct description about who you are, and even what you do. It is good practice to include a link to your website as the link will be live from here.Facebook about
  6. Timeline: This is where you post new photos, videos, information, and events.

In the "Edit Page" section at the top of your Page, you may elect to add event more information that what is seen here. These may include your mailing address, phone number, Biography details, add new page administrators. We will delve further into this in our advanced series coming soon.

Some cool features:

Dating events - Consider adding events from the past, and add dates to them. This will give your followers a little history about you or your company   Adding dates/times to posts also gives you the ability to schedule for future posting. For instance, you may want to post something at a specific time. Using scheduled posts, you can accomplish this.

Can you think of ways that you might use scheduled postings?

post to image

Add dates to posts. You can post in the past, or schedule for the future.

Adding focus to your post - Once you have made your post, you may want to make it stand out.  There are currently 2 ways of accomplishing this. The first involves "Pin To Top". When you Pin To Top, this will make that post sticky, and remain at the top of your timeline.  Great way to make current news or information readily available to visitors.  A restaurant may use this to make sure customers see "Today's Specials".  A band may use it to post about their upcoming concert, or album release.  As long as it's pinned, it will not move down the timeline.

The second method is to "Highlight" a post.  You may have noticed that Facebook Page timelines are displayed in 2 columns?  A highlighted post would cover both columns, which give page administrators the ability to make use of a wider area for images, information, even video (see images below)

image: Single Column Facebook Post

Image showing a standard single column post.


Image: Highlighted Facebook post

Image showing a Highlighted Post.

However you may not pin a highlighted item.

NOTE: "Likes" are not solely what is important to a Facebook Page. It's all about Engagement. Having 100,000 "likes" means nothing if your posts aren't being seen. The more you 'Engage' with your fans, the more engagement your posts will have, thus growing the number of people who see your post.  This is your chance to speak with your customers directly, and engage them in a 2 way conversation. This method is free while the other option is to pay.  We'll talk more about "Promoted Posts" in our advanced series coming soon.

How will you use your new Facebook Page? Let us know in the comments below!

Apr 152013

Facebook KeyboardAre you tired of constantly reaching for your mouse or find your trackpad too difficult to work with while using  Facebook?  Using these keyboard shortcuts will not even save you time, but your sanity too!

For instance, did you know that you can use your arrow keys to navigate through images of a photo album?

There are some basics that you need to know.  Firstly, because Mac and Windows keyboards are different, they will have different keyboard shortcuts keys. Second, there are minor differences with keys between the 4 major web browsers; Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple's Safari browsers.

Simply replace # with the corresponding key from the keys section below.

Microsoft Windows

 Internet Explorer: ALT + # then <RETURN>
 Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
 Chrome: Alt + #

Apple OSX

Firefox: Control + #
Chrome: Control + Option + #
Safari: Control + Option + #


1 - Home
2 - Timeline/Profile
3 - Friends*
4 - Messages*
5 - Notifications*
6 - General Account Settings*
7 - Privacy Settings*
8 - Official Facebook Page
9 - Service Agreement
0 - Help Center
M - New Message *
? - Search

* not supported on IE

Inside a lightbox

L or R Arrow Keys - Navigate between picutres
L - Like or remove Like

 Action Keys

NOTE: These are not available on all browser versions!

C - Comment on item in focus on your News Feed
J - Navigate the Next News Feed item
K - Navigate the Previous News Feed item
L - Like or unlike selected story in your News Feed