Dec 262013

New to Google+?  We're going to take a look at Google+ Profile!

Google Profiles

Google+ Profile

Your Google+ Profile lets other Google users learn more about who you are, what you do, your interests and more. You can share as much or as little details as you wish.

Where is this "Profile" thingy?

There are many ways that you can reach your Profile. The 2 best and easiest ways are listed below.

1. From your Google Bar (top right corner of your Google+ screen), Select your image, and choose "View Profile".

Access Your Profile from Google Bar

Access Your Profile from Google Bar

2.  When logged on to Google+ you can also select "Home" (Left side of the screen)

Access your Profile from Google Plus

Access your Profile from Google Plus

Found it. Now what?

Well, everything really.

Your profile is where you can see your images, change your profile and cover images, see what you have +1'd, check out your YouTube videos and more.

So, let's start at the top and work our way south, OK?  (Keep in mind that Google may change the layout at anytime and without notice, so at times this document may not be 100% accurate...Sorry Charlie).

profile image

My Google Plus Profile

TOP LEFT: Profile Image.

Yes! You guessed it. Yet another place that you can add or change your profile image.

NOTE: Just below that, you can edit your name should you wish.

TOP MIDDLE: Cover Photo.

Google has just completed another change to the layout of your Cover photo.  They still support a 16:9 aspect ratio, but have reduced the amount of real estate being used. Now the smallest image size can be 480px wide by 270px high.  You can still use larger images, and they will be scaled to size.

There are tabs underneath the images.  They are:


This tab contains a lot of very important information that is used by Google and others to identify you. This is of great importance to things such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Authority, and how people view you (your hovercard). Fill out as much as you're comfortable with.


A stream of all your most recent posts, and interactions (YouTube Comments)


A list of your images and photo albums displayed in a stream.


Your YouTube videos (posted publicly) and any uploaded videos. Note: Pages have a "Video" tab.


These are all the pages from around the internet that you have +1.  This tab is not shown on your public profile.


Places and events that you have personally reviewed.

Note: The Photos; YouTube/Videos;+1 and Reviews tabs may be removed from your public profile  (though always visible to yourself) in your "Settings" - There is a link on the tab to remind you, and take you straight to it!

So as you can see, nothing too bad here. Pretty straight forward.  Please connect with me on Google+

Dec 262013

New to Google+? In this post you will learn the basics of how to craft a Google Plus post.

Google Posts



Five sections of a Google plus post

Five elements

The five main elements of a Google Plus post


1. The Body

This is where you will enter in your post text.  Include #hashtags, +mentions, and more.

One of the great differentiators between Facebook and Google+ is the ability to format your posts, including bold, italics and strike through, which adds interest to your post. The three main formatting options are:

*BOLD* - encapsulating words or phrases with asterisks will cause the text inside to become bold.

Example: * this is cool* - becomes this is cool

italic_ - placing underscores before and after your word or phrase will make it become italicized.

Example _this is really cool_  becomes this is really cool

Strikethrough– - to add a "strike through" to a word or phrase, simply add a dash before and after.

Example –this is a strikethrough– becomes this is a strikethrough

NOTE: You also use any combinations of the three formatting options above. For example: *_Italic bold_*

#hashtag - Simply put, a hashtag (#) is a quick and easy way to search for content with similar topic or point of interest, on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.

Example: For those who are talking about the TV Show "Revolution" may tag #Revolution in their post. Then do a search for #Revolution to find others who are also talking about the same topic.

+Mention: To +mention someone in a post can take on a few forms. It may be used to thank someone, to draw attention to something and to notify them about your post. The syntax is +firstname lastname or +pagename

Example:  Michael has shared a circle with me in it. I might thank him by posting

Give thanks!

Give thanks!


2. Attach

On your original post, you can choose to attach Photo's and Video, URL links, and create Google Events.

Photos: You can choose pictures from your profile, or upload something new.

Video: You can select ones from YouTube or another website, record, or upload a video.

Link: You can give a URL - for instance, your blog post, or an article of interest.  Just paste in the URL.

Event: You can tie an event (Calendar, or hangout) to your post. Click event, choose your theme and enter in the details.

3. To:

In order to "Share" your post you need to select who should see it. You do this by selecting circles or people to see your post.  This video may help to explain further about what a "Circle" is.

Google Plus Circles

Addressing your message is very key.  You have a number of options to choose from when deciding who should see your post.

Individuals: You can address your post so that only specific people will see it.  You can do this by either +mentioning them in the post, or addressing the message to them in the "To:" field. Only these people will be able to see your post. (if you +Mentioned someone they will receive notification about you mentioning them in their notifications stream).

Specific Circle(s): If you post to a specific circle or circles of your own creation (see video above), only those accounts will be able to see your post . If they are following you, they will see your post in their stream. If not, they can see your post by visiting your profile. No one outside of this circle will be able to view your post.

Your Circles:  Pretty much the same as "Specific Circles" above, but includes "ALL" your circles. Those listed in your circles (and following you) will see your post in their stream. No one outside of your circles will be able to see your post. Should be noted that those who are in your circle but are NOT following you will only be able to see your post when they visit your profile.

Extended Circles: When sharing with your "Extended Circles", this means that those in your circles (who have circled you) see your post in their stream (otherwise they will see it when they visit your profile), and those who follow them can "see" your post if they visit your profile.  Outside of those "extended circles", no one can see your post.

Public: Posting to Public, means the post will be seen by everybody - not only by people who currently have you circled, also by those performing searches, even from outside of Google+ (Google search for example).  Remember, those who have circled you back will see your post in their stream. Those who haven't will see it if they visit your profile.

You can certainly combine these options.  For instance, you might want to post to your "Music" group, but you know that James who isn't in this circle might also want to read it.  While you can +mention James in your post, you could also address your post to James and your circle together.

Or perhaps you have 2 circles that might find your post on the latest trend in diet. You may choose to discuss your post to both your "Nutrition" and "Dieters" circles.

 4. Send Email To Your Circles

Use with extreme caution as many Google+ users may find what ever you're 'emailing' them as spam, regardless of its content.  However, you can choose to use this option to notify the users in your circle about your post.

5. Share/Cancel

Share means your post is complete, and you're ready to share it with your selected group.  Press cancel if you wish not to post your creation.

Conclusion and Info

The key things to remember are to make your posts engaging, and know who you are targeting. Formatting your text, and adding images are very important.  Always remember to thank people, and engage!

If you have any questions or comments, please share them below.  Connect with me on Google+

If you have any suggestions, questions, or feedback, leave a comment below. Thanks!

Dec 262013
major sharers

This post will introduce you to my new circle of "Major Sharers" version 1.0

Over the month of December, there were a number of records broken as it pertains to Circle Shares on Google+

If you don't know what a Circle Share is, a Circle is a way of maintaining a list or collection of specific users. For instance, you might have a circle (list) of friends, or family, or people who you would like to know better. A circle can be organized by any way that you see fit.  You can "share" these circles with specific people, your circles, or even everyone on the internet should you wish.  While your circles can have more than 500 people, 500 is the share limit. So bare this in mind.
I hope that you will take the time to have a look, and add the circle to your own!