Dec 192013


Gabitat is a Canadian Software startup that was developed from the growing need for teams to "Get Stuff Done". Teams like the competitive advantage they see with cloud applications for task management, document storage, social networking, and note taking. Sure you could use LinkedIn, or Twitter, even old fashioned email for that task. But what if you needed to share a file from your Google Drive, or Asana, Salesforce, Yammer or other social networks? Then, you still have this  lack of basic collaborative functionality, the ability to communicate with your team effectively.

How things are done today:

Project leader identifies the team of 5, consisting perhaps of some internal and even external people to the organization.

        • Ethan - Team Lead
        • Jane
        • Sally
        • Julie
        • Alain
  • Ethan emails the team.
  • The team all email back.
  • Ethan sends a message to Sally about creating some content.
  • Jane emails Julie about some marketing plan she's creating.
  • Alain emails Ethan to say he's created a brochure
  • Ethan replies to Alain, asking him to send it to the group
  • Alain emails the group with something he attached from his Google Drive
  • Jane emails Alain to offer some changes
  • Alain makes the changes
  • Julie emails Alain to offer some similar and some different changes, 2 are contrary to Jane's opinion.
  • Alain now needs to email the group for suggestions.
  • Emails now bounce around to discuss Alains brochure, and recommended changes.
  • Sally sends Julie a document from Salesforce.
  • Alain adds some changes into Jira - send links out.
  • Ethan sends....

Well, you get the point. Email is not an efficient way to collaborate. Too many opportunities for the communication to breakdown and information to be lost.

That's where Gabitat comes in.

In Gabitat you can connect to all of your social applications, document storage, note taking applications, which include

Task Management

  • Asana

File Storage

  • Box
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive

Social Networking

  • Yammer
  • Salesforce
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Note Taking

  • Evernote

Issue Management

  • Jira
  • Zendesk

And more!

Once connected, you move on to creating your Gabitat - A community where you can share your ideas, organize and share your thoughts, files, and do that thing that is sadly missing, collaborate effectively with your team(s).

Here, Gabitat's President, Dave Wormald, talks about "Grabbing and Gabbing"

As an avid collaboration software user, and a great believer in the power of great communication, Gabitat is going to be a star in the not too distant future. The power of collaboration is irresistible.



Gabitat's clean and easy to use interface is well thought out. With Sandy (Product) and Terry (Engineering) with more than 40 years combined in developing and designing Collaboration software and Michael the former R&D Director for one of the largest ECM companies in the world, it's not too surprising that this product stands out in the crowd.

To learn more and to sign up for your free account, please visit their website.

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