Apr 252011

What you need to know about Foursquare For Business

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Foursquare is perhaps the hottest social networking tool over the past 12 months. It allows for users to post updates as to where they are currently, and incorporates a game where the user earns badges for "Checking in" to a location. Users are also able to become "Mayor" of a location, which is something sought after by the majority of the users (players), this indicates that a user has frequented a location more than any other.

Before you can begin with your Business

You first, need an account of your own. Visit www.foursquare.com and sign up. Once there, check-in to a few places nearby, to get the basics down, and earn your first badge(s). In fact, you're rewarded on your very first check-in, and receive a badge for your efforts - Congratulations!

All Set - Show me my business

Simply search Foursquare's business directory for your business. If you're not already present, you can manually add it, or have Foursquare do it for you. Simply follow the guide that is contained on the page and get your business on Foursquare!

Reward Your Mayor and your customers

Over the past few weeks, Foursquare has added even more ways to reward your clientele with incentive based check-ins. Including:

Friends Special - Where you control how many people 'friends' check in at the same time to unlock your special.

Swarm Special - You set a number of people who must be at your venue at the same time to unlock a special. Such as "With 20 foursquare users checked in at the same time, you all receive a bag of chips - Free"

Flash Special - "The first x number of people who check in here receive Y!"

Newbie Special - Set this one up to reward a visitor for their first ever check-in at your location.

Check-in Special - Specials that can be available on your terms (x number of check-ins, every check-in, etc).

You can also reward your most loyal customers. A way to say "thank you" to the people who have visited you more often than any other Foursquare user.

Mayor Special - Something that ONLY your Mayor gets. You decide on what you provide "The mayor receives a free bag of popcorn for their movie"

Loyalty Special - Like a loyalty or punch card, it gives you control over how often a customer needs to visit you before unlocking 'something' "Every 5th Check-in and your next coffee is on us"

Need Stats - Have Stats

As the venue owner, you have the ability to view your locations stats, including total check-ins, who visits you the most, your most recent visitors, gender break downs, times of day, and how many people Tweet or post their check-ins on Facebook.

Foursquare can definitely help your business. Sign Up Your Business Today