May 012013

Image: Twitter LogoTwitter today released a new version of their mobile application that allows users to "see what's happening near you or around the world."  The update introduces the ability to view Trends in hundred of locations, allowing users to find tweets and tweeters near them.

Also included in this most recent release:

  • Invite friends to join Twitter from within the app
  • Improved playback of Vine videos
  • Replies to retweeted Tweets now include both the author and person who retweeted the Tweet
  • Enjoy a smoother experience due to bug fixes and other improvements

Accessing the new location "Trends" feature is quite a simple process. Launch the app and tap on the "# Discover", then tap "Trends". Your opening view will be "Tailored Trends" (trending hashtags and phrases) based on your set location and people you're following.

The app describes this as:

"Tailored trends are based on your location and who you follow which makes them more relevant to your interestes. If you change your location, you'll see Trends based around geography only."

Hey, I want to see what's trending in different areas!

Indeed Padawan, this process is simple.  At the bottom of the Trends list you will see "Change Location". Here you can choose from a predefined list of major cities around the world.  The list is pretty extensive, with hundreds of locations, and each selection does include regions close by (Suburbs) your set location.

Take me back to my Tailored Trends!

Man, you're fussy! But I completely understand why after touring different areas and seeing what's happening there,  you'd want to go back to the default "Tailored Trends". Simply reverse what you just did.  At the bottom on the list of Trends, select "Get Tailored Trends". See, not that tough!

On a side note, "Promoted Trends" will still appear at the top of the trends list.

Can you think of how businesses could use this?

Currently in my Tailored Trends is "#NHLPlayoffs". A local sports bar may take note of this and tweet out facts or information about the trend. Your tweet would be easily noticed by local people and even potentially new customers!

Let us know what you think of the new update!!


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