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Recently, I was introduced to Wenyard by my friend, Michael Q Todd, and found it absolutely fascinating. So much so that I immediately signed up.

Wenyard, is all about gaming, trading and Networking. The virtual trading platform allows members to buy/sell stock, properties and other assets.  The virtual stock market known as NASGO - uses a combination of virtual and real life factors to drive the value of stocks and properties. You win or lose based on your understanding of these events and making use of that information and will optimize their winnings. For instance, investing in a virtual company that helps to provide clean water may be a good thing in the aftermath of a hurricane or typhoon. A tornado that hits the headquarters of the company may have a negative impact.

Can you make real money?  Yes, absolutely! Until February 2014, the game is in prelaunch mode, where there are bonuses being paid out to early adopters.  The more people join your 'team', the more money you can make.  Remember this is marketing as much as game play.  You can receive payouts in real-time should you wish.  There is also a generous bonus structure. The more people involved, the bigger your payout can be.  As an example, I signed up today, and already have more than 50 people on my team, and I haven't lifted a finger.  During this prelaunch period, you can receive extra bonuses for each person who signs up. But you also receive bonus from people they sign up and from people they sign up.  

Wenyard is a Financial Game Of Skill

Wenyard is a Financial Game Of Skill

Wenyard is a financial game of skill. A world of excitement and possibility of unlimited opportunities waiting - nothing you've ever experienced before will even be close

There have been many of these kinds of online stock trading games that involve marketing, such as Empire Avenue. This version is considerably more attractive to the business professional.
If you're interested in getting into networking, or already have a large network, this may be the opportunity for you.

 Stop by and check them out Part time, full-time, on the road, you "play" as much as you'd like.

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